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Participatory Budgeting Inter-Municipalities seminar

The “Associative Action” organized on the 22nd – 23rd of January 2015 a Participatory Budgeting inter-municipalities seminar in Tunis, that gathered the 8 first municipalities which successfully implemented the Participatory Budgeting process between 2104 – 2015. The following municipalities has been invited to participate in this seminar : La Marsa, Menzel Bourguiba, Tozeur, Gabes, Sfax, la Manouba, Gafsa and Raoued.

Besides, three municipalities joined the seminar as honor guests : the municipality of Ben Arous, the municipality of El Kef, and the municipality of Sbeitla. 

Moreover, different stakeholders attended the seminar such as the representatives of the following institutions : The Ministry of Local Affairs and Environment, the German Cooperation in Tunisia (GIZ), Caisse des Prêts et de Soutien des Collectivités Locales (CPSCL), the Center of Training and Decentralization Support (CTDS), CILG-VNG, local facilitators of the Participatory Budgeting, and citizen delegates of the partner municipalities. 

The object of the seminar was to present the results achieved by the 8 municipalities which adopted the Participatory Budgeting process between 2014 – 2015, followed by a debate between the different participants.

Moreover, this seminar showed the commitment of the municipalities in favor of the Participatory Budgeting process, instead of the Annual Investment Plan (PAI) imposed currently by the Ministry of Local Affairs and Environment. This commitment was declared by the signature of the municipalities, of 2 documents by the end of the seminar, which are :

  1. A letter addressed to Mr. Mokhtar Hammami, General director of Local Collectivities in 2015, calling the Ministry to adopt the process of the Participatory Budgeting
  2. An inter-municipalities partnership agreement between the municipalities which applied the Participatory Budgeting

Training of the citizen delegates of Manouba

In order to ensure the success of the monitoring mission, the Associative Action organized a training session for the citizen delegates of the municipality of Manouba on the implementation process of the municipal projects. The technical services of the municipality as well as the local facilitators of the Participatory Budgeting attended this session.

The training presented all the administrative and on-the-ground steps related to the implementation of municipal projects. By the end of the training, every citizen delegate received a copy of a monitoring and evaluation guide of the municipal projects, edited by the Associative Action in collaboration with the technical services of the municipality.



Participatory Budgeting local facilitators’ semniar – 2015

On the 24th of October 2015, the “Associative Action” organization organized a sharing experiences’ seminar for the local facilitators of the municipalities of Sfax, la Manouba and Gafsa, who contributed to the implementation of the Participatory Budgeting process in their municipalities. 

This seminar was a good opportunity for the local facilitators to exchange experiences with each other, assess the results achieved in each city, and work out a plan to ensure the sustainability of the process.

Formalization of the Participatory Budgeting process in the municipality of Manouba

Following the first experience of the municipality of Manouba in the implementation of the Participatory Budgeting  process, and for the  sustainability and continuity of this process, a meeting between members of the municipality of Manouba and representatives of the “Associative Action” organization took place in January 2016, during which, it was presented the guide of the Participatory Budgeting.

This guide was developed by the experts of the “Action Associative”.