Through its programs, Associative Action partnered with different local, national and international partners.

1. International Partners
Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI)  German Cooperation in Tunisia (GIZ)  European Endowment for Democracy (EED) Friedrich Naumann Foundation
Middle East Partnership Initiative - MEPI Coopération Allemande - GIZ European Endowment for Democracy Fondation Friedrich Naumann
United Nations Democracy Fund   (UNDEF)
European Union CIDEAL Foundation International Alert
Fonds des Nations Unies pour la Démocratie Union Europèenne Fondation CIDEAL International Alert
   Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Avocats Sans Frontières
Fondation Rosa Luxemburg Avocats Sans Frontières
2. Governmental Partners 
Ministry of Women, Family, Children and Seniors     Municipality of    la Marsa Municipality of Menzel Bourguiba Municipality of Tozeur Municipality of Gabes
Ministère-de-la-Femme-de-la-Famille-de-lEnfance-et-des-Seniors Logo - commune La Marsa Logo - commune de Menzel Bourguiba  Logo - Commune de Tozeur Logo - commune de Gabès
Municipality of Sfax Municipality of Manouba Municipality of Raoued Municipality of Gafsa   Municipality of    Ben Arous
Logo - Commune de Sfax Logo - commune de la Manrouba Logo - commune de Raoued Logo - commune de Gafsa 
   Municipality of   El Kef Municipality of Sbeitla Municipality of Ettadhamen Municipality of Ariana     Municipality of      Sidi Bouzid
Logo - commune El Kef Logo - commune de Sbeitla Logo - commune d'Ettadhamen Logo - commune de l'Ariana Logo - Commune Sidi Bouzid
Municipality of Gremda Municipality of Monastir Municipality of Béjà Municipality of Zaghouan     Municipality of    El Mourouj
Logo - commune de Gremda Logo - commune de Monastir Logo - commune de Béjà Logo - commune de zaghouan Logo _ Commune El Mourouj
Municipality of Tabarka Municipality of Kairouan Municipality of Mahdia Municipality of Tunis Municipality of Tabarka
commune de Tabarka Logo - commune de Kairouan Logo - commune de Mahdia
Municipality of Ennour    Municipality of    Daouar Hicher Other governmental partners

– Social Units of the Ministry of Social Affairsin differents cities in Tunisia ;

– Regional Insepction Work of Tunis ;

– Protection and Social Integration Centers  es Centers of the Ministry of Social Affairs in different regions in Tunisia.


3. Associatif Partners
Associative Action has made partnership and collaboration agreements with different Tunisian NGOs to facilitate identification of beneficiaires of its programs in différentes regions of Tunisia.