Eye on the Budget

“Eye on the Budget” is a program aiming to support the Tunisian municipalities in implementing participatory mechanisms at the local level, in order to establish a trustful relationship with citizens and local civil society, by integrating them within the decision making process related to the local development projects.

In this context,  Associative Action has developped 4  participatory mechanisms :  Participatory Diagnostic,  Participatory Budgeting, Participatory Cultural Decisions, Participatory Economic Decisions.

Partner municipalities – 2018
Municiaplity of Tabarka Municiaplity of Kairouan Municiaplity of Mahdia
Logo_Commune Tabarka
Logo - commune de Kairouan
Logo - commune de Mahdia
Partner municipalities – 2017
 Municiaplity of Ariana Municiaplity of Sidi Bouzid Municiaplity of Gremda Municiaplity of Monastir
Logo - commune de l'Ariana
Logo - Commune Sidi Bouzid
Logo - commune de Gremda
Logo - commune de Monastir
Municiaplity of Béjà Municiaplity of Zaghouan
Logo - commune de Béjà
Logo - commune de zaghouan
Partner municipalities – 2016
Municiaplity of Ben Arous Municiaplity of Kef Municiaplity of Sbeitla Municiaplity of Ettadhamen
Logo - commune El Kef
Logo - commune de Sbeitla
Logo - commune d'Ettadhamen
Partner municipalities – 2015
Municiaplity of La Manouba Municiaplity of Sfax Municiaplity of Gafsa Municiaplity of Raoued
Logo - commune de la Manrouba
Logo - Commune de Sfax
Logo - commune de Gafsa
Logo - commune de Raoued
Partner municipalities – 2014
Municiaplity of  La Marsa Municiaplity of Menzel Bourguiba Municiaplity of Tozeur Municiaplity of Gabes
Logo - commune La Marsa
Logo - commune de Menzel Bourguiba
Logo - Commune de Tozeur
Logo - commune de Gabès