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Kairouan’s Participatory Budgeting Citizen Forums

In the context of the Participatory Budgeting process, the municipality of Kairouan organized 5 citizen forums through which the citizens participated in proposing project ideas of basic infrastructure, voting for the priority projects of their neighborhoods, and electing citizens delegates whose mission is to monitor the implementation of the final list of projects.

The 5 citizen forums covered the whole municipal zone of Kairouan, and had been organized between the 1st  and  the çth of  December 2018, respectively in the following places :  Aouled Farhan primary school,  Al Mansoura primary school,  Abi Zamaa AlBalaoui primary school, Municipality Hall, Nassr City primary schoolA communication campaign preceded the organization of the citizen forums to inform and invite the citizens to take part in the public meetings. Different kind of communication tools had been used during this campaign such as : Flyers, Posters, Banners, car loud-speaker service, radio broadcasts …

In this first year / edition of the Participatory Budgeting, 690 citizens participated to present their project ideas related to roads, and to select the priority projects. At the end of the 5 citizens forums , the citizens elected 15 citizen delegates in order to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the final list of projects.

Citizen Participation Rate

The citizen forums were organized by the municipality of Kairouan in collaboration with the Women Leaders who played the role of “local facilitators” of the Participatory Budgeting. These facilitators ensured, in partnership with the municipality : the implementation of the communication plan to inform and invite the citizen to participate in the citizen forums; the preparation and the organization of the citizen forums; and the support of the citizen delegates in their monitoring and evaluation mission.

Citizen projects’ location visit in Kairouan

At the end of the Citizens’ Forum series, the municipality of Kairouan organized on the 11th of December 2018 a visit to the location of the projects voted by the citizens and approved by the technical service of the municipality for their technical and administrative feasibility.

This visit was made in the presence of the 15 elected citizen  delegates, the local participatory budgeting facilitators and representatives of  Kairouan municipality’s technical service.

This visit covered the sites of the 15 voted projects of basic infrastructure.

Training of Media Professionals in Participatory Budgeting and Gender

In the framework of the project “Word to Women”, the Associative Action organized training workshops in Participatory Budgeting and Gender, in favor of media professionals from partner municipalities.

These trainings were held between the months of November and December 2018, and were provided by expert trainers:  Kouraich Jaouahdou ( Participatory Budgeting expert) and Monia Gastli (gender expert).

The purpose of these trainings was to help media professionals (journalists and bloggers) understand what kind of media coverage could be provided during the various phases of implementation of the participatory approach that is programmed in their cities.

Training of Woman Leaders in Radio Reporting

In the framework of the project “Word to Women”, the Action Associative organized, during the month of September 2018, a training session in the realization of Radio reporting for the benefit of the women leaders (WL) of Tabarka, Kairouan and Mahdia.

The WL followed this one-day training with communications expert and  trainer Karim Ben Amor.

The purpose of this training is to prepare the WL to contribute to the realization of radio reports. These reports are intended to highlight profiles of women residing in the three municipalities, whose professional or militant background make them success models to be followed by the listeners.

In each joint partner, the profiles of the selected  women  for the reports are as follows:

· A municipal councilor

· A young associative activist (between 18 and 35 years old)

· An Adult activist activist (+ 35 years old)

· A  journalist or blogger

Below the links of the reports: